Creative Dead End or Rebirth?

Well darn it, I hate to admit it but I am just not feeling my apple thing. I think it’s too safe to excite me and I just can’t get over the feeling that they’re missing something. I do believe this will be a paint over, or a donation. It won’t be the first time I’ve done it and it certainly won’t be the last. My biggest criteria for my pieces is that they speak to me and when they don’t, I just don’t have the heart to keep them. It’s good to let things go, I am running out of wall space:)

I’m not sad, though – I’m excited! I have a new idea brewing and it begins a lot like my last idea. This idea feels bigger then I can handle, like it will take longer then I want it to and involves much more logistically but, it DOES excite me! The last time I had such an idea I posted it and I feel like some magic manifesting dust got sprinkled on it so, here it goes…

I want to create a show with, “Movement: the right to create” as the theme. I want it to be a show with multiple artist like myself who aren’t revered for our work but quietly do it in the background because it’s what we love to do. It would be fantastic if as a collaborative effort we could bridge one painting into the other so the wall of works moves. It doesn’t need to be connecting or even in the same style, even if it was just that one piece inspired the next we could create movement and a little cohesive story. It would be fun for me to get another artists pieces and spin off of what spoke to me the most. I wonder if it would be fun for them? Are most artists (including myself) able to glean inspiration from another work and set aside their ego long enough to make a whole piece because of it? Oh, I hope so, because it could be so cool. Of course having 3dimensional art would also be fantastic, especially if it moved.

Another piece I would really love to incorporate is a live performance and my vision of this is sooo specific I feel like I’m bound to cling to it too tightly so I will just say this – a live physical performance with movement and maybe even live music.

Wheeee! Just the ability to create essentially my dream show has my heart pumpin’! That’s the kind of abundance I crave!

On the flip side, as soon as I start to look into the logistics of it all, I seize up a little so I have a plan in place. It begins with talking about it to the artists and researching studios. Very simple first steps, baby steps. Maybe in a year I will have done it. I hope even by February to do it. Bottom line, I will be happy if I ever do it, and any portion of it!

It’s just so refreshing to really believe in the possibility.



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