You know I have some people around me that believe differently then I do. People I love. People I admire, even. Most of these people I quietly disagree with, especially if the conversation is so full of emotion that it seems like no real communication will get through. Sometimes, after I acknowledge the other persons point of view I will offer brief glimpses of mine but, I am not a practice debater so I don’t really know if the words I say get through. Sometimes, I just listen and smile letting them know I understand when they’re not asking for advice. Sometimes it’s really hard to not give advice, especially about something I’m reforming at the moment.

I find being a big question asker, at any point I’m working through and forming or challenging an idea about my world. One of the newer ones I’ve been playing with is activism. In this political climate I want to be counted and heard when it comes to what’s important to me but I struggle with being such a huge introvert and a slow but steady mover. I’m wondering if there’s a way to take my strengths and my passions and use them as my activism. In my head the story of activism looks like a loud, well informed marcher, leaving family and work behind to get the word out and be counted. In my head, that activist is doing all the right things to change the world for the better. But in my heart I know that is nothing like me and being that person on a consistent level would not only exhaust me but it would make me bitter.

So, here’s how I’m going to challenge that story…

I’ve been working on an art show. The one I mentioned in my earlier post. Now my old idea about effective activism is giving me all kinds of crap about it. It’s like “You aren’t going to get anyone to understand what you’re trying to say” and “You’re just doing this selfishly because you have to suffer in order to be a proper activist” and “You’re going to get lost in pleasing everyone to ever say something effective” “Who’s even going to want to come see your show, you and your friends aren’t even close to famous” “Who do you think you are? You’ve never built anything like this before”. So those horrible creativity killers are chiming away at me as I build this thing but I am building it despite them. I’m building it because of them. I want to prove them wrong.

I want to see if the world of this show will speak for me. If the dark and light I’m creating will invoke intrigue over fear. A world where one persons ideas bleeds into another’s. A world where the viewer becomes a part of the art and movement is everywhere. A show that on it’s most basic level reminds us that nothing stays still and connection is everywhere. Within all that movement I want each artists voice to weave through communicating what’s been in the forefront of their minds. I want the viewer to feel a part of a magical journey. A 360˚ experience with the artwork and a deeper knowing about what it represents. I am pumped to create this show! I am ready to rewrite what activism is for me.

I know in my bones that art can change the world but my head still doubts it and it’s had me creatively stuck. I managed the painting above once I decided to paint whatever wanted to appear instead of planning anything out. So, without meaning to, the water pipeline story ended up in my painting. A love for this earth and the protection of it’s precious water appeared.

What about you? What have you needed to say? What’s your authentic way to speak? Let your own idea of activism form.







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