An Art Show Appears: Connection Through Art and Movement

It’s official. I did it! That art show that was in my mind so many months ago made it on the walls and ceilings of AFRU gallery. I had an army of help. I have never depended on and asked … Continue reading

7 Insights For the Grieving Soul: “How Are You Doing?”

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Giving Grief Away

For a while now, I’ve had a painting/multi-media project planned and I’m using this blog to hold me to it. Well, I’m sure in some way I will get it done but I’m not sure to what degree. I want to take boxes about 6″x6″x 2.5″. Each one will represent a different sentiment about this whole cancer experience with my buddy. I have so much to say and express about it that I feel like I could fill up a whole wall! I have a ton of songs as well so I’d like some of these boxes to be interactive and play music. The places I’m getting hung up on are: 1. Finding the boxes I want because I’m cheap and don’t want to spend much and 2. Figuring out how to make the music box idea work. I have a million ideas for imagery of each box. Some I feel like I may tweak but just today I had another brainstorm. One of the boxes could be as if it was unwrapping and as you peer through the opening you see a person screaming. Intense, a little scary and hopefully a little funny. That’s how I want the whole wall to feel.

I want to do this for a couple of reasons. First of all, I heal best when I create and secondly I would love to take all the emotions of the last year and say goodbye to them. Of course I will always have these memories but I want letting go to literally happen with these pieces after I’ve finished.